Springer The Neurosurgical Approach to Intracranial Infections

The introduction of antibiotics has practically eliminated infection of the paranasal sinuses as source of intracranial infeetions. Thoracic surgery nearly eradieated a for merly fairly frequent of abseess of brain, namely


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Florame Huile essentielle bio Ravintsara

L Huile essentielle bio Ravintsara 30 ml Florameprovient de la distillation a la vapeur d eau de l especeCinnamomum camphora cineolifera Bio. Antiseptique du systeme respiratoire et pulmonaire. En application externe sur les sinus ou amygdales lors d infection, rhume ou grippe. En diffusion, degage le nez. L 30 ml s utilise pour cette rference en complement alimentaire. Marque : Composition : a cineole Extraction par a la d des feuilles de 100% d


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Springer Infections of the Ears, Nose, Throat, and Sinuses

This text serves as a practical but comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating ear, nose, throat, sinus infections. The 30 chapters have been contributed by otolaryngologists infectious disease specialists who are experts in the field


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